Frequently asked questions..

How do I pay?
We now have a Secure Online Payment System accessed via our payment page which is the quickest and easiest method to pay your window cleaning bill.

Other ways to pay:-

Once the operator has finished your clean, if you are in you can pay him by cash or cheque, or he will place an invoice through your door. Simply return this in the Pre-paid envelope supplied.

Will you clean my windows in the rain?
Yes, this is because we offer an all year cleaning service because with our wet cleaning system it makes no difference to the finished cleaning quality.

Why do you do a risk assessment when supplying a quote?
Splash Window Cleaning take Health and Safety seriously, we need to eliminate any risk for our operators so we always do a risk assessment to ensure they can work safely. It also allows us to evaluate which equipment to be used.

How will I know when to leave my gate open?
We will inform you by email or text message the day before we clean, we can make a phone call to remind but prefer the first 2 options due to time issues.

Do you clean during the winter?
Yes, our service is all year round with the exception of any adverse weather conditions.